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Subaru XV Features

The Subaru XV not only enables blockbuster entertainment, it delivers show-stopping value with more of the features you want as standard. Like our legendary Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive for unprecedented grip, advanced technology like a super large touchscreen, X-Mode and so much more.

Breathtaking Value

Breathtaking Value

A star's reborn

It's the reboot we've all been hanging out for. The Subaru XV has been reimagined and redesigned for today's audience.

Breathtaking Value

Gripping scenes

With the flick of a button, the XV holds tight with its electronic parking brake!

Breathtaking Value

Press play

The engine kicks in with a single button, like pressing play on your favorite film.

Breathtaking Value

Choose your speed

Every XV will have paddle gear shifters on the steering wheel, so you have the option of driving in CVT Automatic or for even more fun and control, 7-speed manual mode.

Breathtaking Value 2

Best cable entertainment

Your car, your music. With USB and AUX connectivity, you can set the soundtrack to every journey.

Breathtaking Value 2

Best supporting anchor points

With the latest in ISOFIX child seat anchor points, XV has features designed to keep all passengers as safe as can be, regardless of their size.

Breathtaking Value 2

Best special effects

Pop-up washer jets keep the XV 2.0i-S LED lights clear, giving you get the best view of the show ahead.

Breathtaking Value 2

Seeing headlights

Dynamically designed fog lamps fit beautifully on the all-new XV, and they're a stand-out performer when you need them to be.

Red carpet access

The Subaru XV knows when you're nearby, unlocking the car when you touch the door handle. So you can keep your keys in your pocket.

Sonar sensors

Enjoy greater peace of mind when reversing with four sonar sensors installed on the rear bumper. They detect obstructions and alert the driver if there's a risk of an impact, then apply the brakes automatically if needed.

Cut means cut

When you stop, we stop. Our Auto Stop Start tech can save fuel by cutting the engine when you don't need it. Good for the environment and good for your wallet.

Call the shots

Using simple voice commands, you can make handsfree calls from your phone. That means it's safe for you to keep rolling.

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Don't hog the spotlight

With EyeSight® technology, when the car in front of you moves at a green light, we’ll let you know it’s time to go. So the driver behind you doesn't have to.

Advanced Technology

Stick to the red carpet

Sensors monitor your car’s intended line through curves, adjusting braking and power to prevent skidding and keeping you in control.

Advanced Technology

Dim the lights

With High Beam Assist, head lamps automatically switch between high beams and low beams to suit changing conditions in front of your car, helping to improve visibility at night.

Advanced Technology

Follow their lead

Subaru’s EyeSight® technology features Adaptive Cruise Control, which tracks the vehicle in front of you, keeping a safe distance to take the stress off having that unpredictable diva ahead.

From the director's chair

From changing the volume, to using EyeSight® to increase the distance to the car in front, stay in control of the show with the touch of a button.

Centre stage

With the XV's rear view camera mounted near the centre of the body, objects are displayed more realistically, making it easier to reverse into tight spots.

Light up the screen

Sharp, focused, steering responsive LED headlights follow your lead. So when you turn, they turn.

All spotlights covered

Subaru's Vision Assist technology means you'll never be driving blind. The system detects if a vehicle is in your blind spot and lets you know to watch out.

Blooper prevention

If the accelerator is pushed by accident when an object is detected in front, our EyeSight® Driver Assist technology restricts engine power to help reduce the impact.

Stars in your EyeSight®

The Adaptive Cruise Control notices when a car in front of you brakes, gently slowing to match their speed.

Greater direction on the road

Our EyeSight® Driver Assist technology's Pre-Collision Steering Assist applies greater steering assistance when you attempt to steer away from a detected collision ahead.

Pumped performance

Every XV has a clever system that detects when tyre pressure is low, and lets you know. So you can pump them up before it's too late. It'll mean they'll last longer than the opening credits.



Screen queens

Extra large touchscreens (ranging from 6.5" to 8") make it super easy for you to do everything from changing the radio station, to navigating your way home.


We'll help read your lines

XV's Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ technology reads your text messages out loud, and even gives you weather updates, so you can focus on the scene around you.


Connecting the cast

All of our technology works together, with information displayed on three internal screen as it's needed


Just like your small screen

The XV will have a touchscreen you can touch, swipe and pinch, just like your smartphone.

The real big screen

Our 6.3” colour LCD screen puts your driving on display, translating useful vehicle information into entertaining, easy to understand graphics.

Give directions

To switch radio stations, play the next song on your soundtrack or lock in your directions, just hit voice command and say the magic words.

Phone it in

Seamlessly connect your Subaru XV to your smartphone with Apple CarplayTM or Android AutoTM. Higher spec XVs come equipped with an excellent Satellite Navigation System, but cleverly, you can also bounce your smartphone’s mapping system to the XVs big screen whenever you like.

Best soundtrack design

Sing along to your favourite soundtrack with six individual speakers delivering crystal clear sound.

Sporty Style & Space

Sporty Style & Space

Carry the scene

The roof rails feature a simple, stylish design made up of a single, curved piece of aluminium. The available space to install a carrier has also been increased by 15% for better usability.

Sporty Style & Space

Big wheels

Impressive 17" and 18” wheels are coming to the all-new XV, reducing vibrations and road noise, while gripping the road. Lookin' good, drivin' great.

Sporty Style & Space

Quiet on set

The speed at which your windows shut reduces just prior to fully closing, ensuring a smooth, soft close.

Sporty Style & Space

Get the lot

The XV's body width has been increased by 35mm, which gives you a sportier design and more spacious cabin.

Mirror, mirror on the door

XV door mirrors do more than the obvious. Aerodynamic with an even quieter power-folding motor, they increase driving comfort with both function and form.

Hold this for me

With two perfectly placed cup holders in front, your coffee will be as safe as you are.

Natural born driver

With a greater range of tilt and telescopic adjustment in the steering column, the all-new XV puts the controls right where you want them.

Grab an extra popcorn

The XV comes with extra-comfy armrests and plenty of space for your snacks. Passengers can also hit the snack stand with a pull-down arm rest that sits in the middle of the rear seats.

Record opening

The Subaru XV’s boot opening has been enlarged and the Wheel Housings have been widened to make it easier to put a whole lot more of your stuff in.

The dark night light

The XV's stop lamp has been mounted to the lower edge of the roof spoiler. This achieves a great balance between visibility, aerodynamic performance and design.

Location location location

Functional interior design puts everything in the right place. So you can stress less, finding the controls and equipment you're looking for, without taking your eyes off the road.

Duel scene

Dual-zone climate control allows the driver and passenger to set their own temperatures and more ventilation brings the XV cabin to a more uniform temperature quicker. You can even control the system with your voice.

Great Rid & Handling

Great Rid & Handling

Not an actor

Introducing X-Mode. It improves drivability by providing better control over components like the engine, AWD, and brakes. For example, the Hill Descent Control feature, keeps the vehicle at a constant speed on steep slippery downhill surfaces.

Great Rid & Handling

Own the role

The XV lets you switch to manual mode. So when you hit a curve in the road, it’s time to take control, shifting gears with the steering wheel paddle gear shifters.

Great Rid & Handling

Steady cam

The increase in engine revs when you shift down a gear has been reduced, giving you acceleration that's smooth and satisfying.

Great Rid & Handling

Safe side story

The Subaru Global Platform uses structures of varying strengths to absorb energy in all the right places, which helps to keep you safer.

Legendary performance

With 115kW of power and direct injection technology, the XV gives you more power to match its sleek look.

Act fast

Every XV comes with pressure sensors in the front doors to increase the speed at which an impact is detected and the airbags deployed.

Moving star

The XV directs power to its outer wheels so the car turns better on sharp city corners, and you own the road like the star you are.

Red carpet ready

The XV has an all-new body structure. It’s now even better at absorbing energy in a prang, which means it is safer and more durable.

Performs in every scene

With our Vehicle Dynamics Control system, braking pressure is regulated for each individual wheel, so they won't lock up when you brake in a hurry making you a better performer.

Sound editing

The Subaru Global Platform's suspension mounts limit vibration and noise transfer, while improving control and stability, for a ride that's easy on the road, and the ears.

Great material

By using aluminium instead of steel for the hood, we've cut 5.2kg of weight from the all-new XV. It also makes it easier for you to admire the engine.

Good vibrations

We've optimised the dampers, reducing bad vibrations while improving handling and comfort. That's good vibrations.

Need to Know More?

Give the Reynella Subaru Sales Team a call at Reynella - 08 8322 6608 or Enquire Online.